Having a baby means completing your family. It is a dream of almost all the couples, however today’s lifestyle changes, stressful living and sedentary lifestyle has made it difficult to conceive. A male’s fertility is based on the sperm quality as well as quantity. The sperm should be mobile, healthy, well-shaped and fertile. If the diagnostic tests reveal any abnormality in the sperm-count or health then it can be treated well-in-time in order to treat male infertility. 


Inability to make your partner pregnant even after doing unprotected intercourse for more is the main symptom of male infertility. However some diagnostic tests are required to find out whether the issue is in male reproductive system or female reproductive system. 


  • Absence of Sperms
  • Low quality of Sperms
  • Low Sperm Production
  • Sexual Problems
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Erectile Dysfunction 
  • Retrograde ejaculation (sperms ejaculate in opposite direction)
  • Vasectomy (sterilization)
  • Varicocele 


  • Sperm Retrieval - Sometimes the sperms are produced normally but they get stuck somewhere in the reproductive or urinary tract. Such sperms are retrieved by inserting an aspiration needle or doing a minimal invasive procedure. These sperms can then be used for IVF or IUI procedures. 
  • TESE - Testicular Sperm Extraction is one of the most effective techniques to collect sperms from a male’s testicular tissues. First of all, general anesthesia is given to the patient and the testicular tissues are retrieved. The sperms are then taken out from those tissues, these sperms are then used for any assisted reproductive technique such as IUI or IVF. Patients suffering from retrograde ejaculation or azoospermia (absence of sperms in semen) can benefit from the TESE procedure. 
  • Electroejaculation - It is a boon for patients suffering from spinal cord injury or those who are unable to have erection due to any trauma or nerve pathology. After giving anesthesia to the patient, a probe is inserted in the anal area of the patient which produces some sine waves that lead to sperm ejaculation. These sperms are then collected and can be used in IUI or IVF procedures.
  • Vasectomy Reversal - Those patients who have undergone vasectomy or sterilization procedure can become fertile again by the vasectomy reversal procedure. The tube is tied again so that the sperms can flow through it and come out of the urethra.
  • Varicocele Surgery or Varicocelectomy - Varicocele occurs when the veins present in the scrotum (sperm pouch) get twisted or become tortuous. These veins can cause low sperm count and can lead to the production of low quality sperms. The tortuous veins are removed in the varicocele surgery. This increases the sperm count as well as their quality, thereby increasing the fertility manyfolds.  
  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatments - Erectile Dysfunction or ED means inability to either initiate or sustain the erection that is required for a successful sexual intercourse. The treatment of erectile dysfunction is possible and it ranges from medicines, injections to penile implants. Dr. Vineet Malhotra is an expert in the Erectile Dysfunction treatment in Delhi. 
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