Penile Implants, also known as the penile prosthesis are the best treatment option for severe erectile dysfunction patients. The patients who have decreased neural function in their penis due to any heart disease or diabetes etc are the perfect candidates for penile implant surgery in Delhi. Dr. Vineet Malhotra is one of the most experienced andrologists in India for successful penile implant surgeries. He is a certified practitioner to perform penile implants, many patients come from outside India as well to get the penile implant transplanted with the best functionality and full erection. Dr. Vineet has performed hundreds of penile implant surgeries and his patients are happy with the result. 


  • Patients suffering from severe erectile dysfunction that fails to respond to the medications and injections etc. 
  • Patients having cardiovascular diseases that cause inadequate filling of blood in the penis thereby giving a weak erection 
  • Diabetic patients who have weak nerves that fail to create a good erection that is required for sexual intercourse. 
  • Those males who still have sensations in their penis but they are unable to get an erection.
  • Those males who suffer from any psychological erectile dysfunction are not the ideal candidates for penile implant surgery. 
  • Old males who suffer from ED are also good candidates for Penile Implants.


There are two main types of penile implants that give great results and Dr. Vineet Malhotra has implanted them with perfection in all his penile implant patients. 
  • Malleable Penile Implant - This type of Penile Implant is cost-effective and is within the budget for most patients. This implant has a malleable rod-like implant that can be placed inside the penis during penile implant surgery. It has a hinge in it so that it can be simply bent down normally and can be just lifted to provide an erection. 
  • Inflatable Penile Implants  - These are the best penile implants available in India and abroad that provide a natural erection. These inflatable penile implants can be of 
  • Two-Piece Inflatable Penile Implant
  • Three Piece Inflatable Penile Implant  
Two-piece inflatable penile implant has a pump and two cylinders in it. Whereas, the three-piece inflatable penile implant has a reservoir as well along with the pump and two cylinders. 


General anaesthesia is given to the patient and an incision is made near the penile area that is not visible from the front. From that incision, the penile implant is inserted and its pump is placed in the scrotum area. This pump acts as a button to initiate the erection. The incision is then closed and the patient is sent to the recovery room.


In the case of an inflatable penile implant, you simply need to press the button or the pump present in the scrotum, which fills the liquid present in the cylinders in the penis. This gives a natural rigid erection to the patient. This also increases the girth of the penis thereby giving another advantage. If you have a malleable implant then you simply need to lift the penis to have a rigid erection. 


  • Give a rock-hard erection with just the press of a button 
  • You can release the erection by pressing a deflating button and simply putting the penis down in case of a malleable implant.
  • Only 1 or 2 days of hospitalisation is required.
  • You can start using the penile implant after about one week or as advised by Dr. Vineet Malhotra. 
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